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As a responsible supplier we passionately believe that supplying GOTS-certified
chemicals to clothing industry are of great help to be used to produce toxic-free
clothes for us and our children to wear.  We are proud of playing our part to help
making toxic-free clothes.

We fully support the global Detox campaign by choosing to have our chemical
products certified by GOTS.  We strongly believe that by working together we can
create clothing industry that is safe for us all and also our children.

We support Fashion Manifesto and like to encourage you to sign to become part of

Fashion Manifesto

We are a global movement of fashionistas, activists, designers and bloggers united
by a belief that beautiful fashion shouldn't cause toxic pollution. Sign the Fashion
Manifesto and become a part of this people power movement.

1. We believe that brands and suppliers must act immediately to stop poisoning
waterways around the world with hazardous chemicals.

2. We recognise that this will not happen over night, and want brands and suppliers
to be transparent about what chemicals they are releasing into the environment on
the road toward toxic-free fashion. It is our water, we have a right to know.

3. We believe in rewarding and collaborating with honest and progressive suppliers
and brands, and will encourage others to do the same.