Due to high demand of gloves in the market now so there might have been a lot of people offer to buy and sell gloves to you.
In this case, to avoid potential or unexpected problem please conduct effective due diligence before entering into contract or transaction with another party.


Our company was registered at the beginning under the name of SICO by its founders who have possessed long years of experience and knowledge in textile industry.  Later Our company name has been changed to Vesico Ltd. and since then the company has become actively engaged in the business.

As trend of the industry has become more and more oriented towards ecological and safety issues for human and environment, our company has realized such trend at early stage and have perseveringly managed to have its textile chemical products certified by eco-friendly standards to enable our company to supply our products to environment and safety conscious factories both domestically and internationally.

Besides textile industry our company engages also in the production and supply of products for coating industry i.e. paints for construction, paper, rubber, wood and etc.   

And to satisfy our customers enquiries our company has engaged in trading items such as medical supplies i.e. gloves & etc. and also food items.

We focus on customers’ need so keep conducting R&D to provide full satisfaction to customers.  We do business transparently and strictly according to the law and ethical principles.  We occasionally share what we gain back to society through philanthropic activities to the less privileged.

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